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Even friends and family who are mobile wish

they had this wheelchair accessible kitchen!

The on-set of a neuromuscular disorder was the basis for this custom kitchen and required the complete customization of this space to the specific needs of the client, as well as to his wife who does most the cooking on a daily basis. The layout was designed for the couple to be able to work together in the kitchen, or independently.

Because not all wheelchair users have the same needs, the designer took specific measurements of the client in various positions in his power chair which has elevator capabilities. The height and depth of the cabinet toe-space was designed to accommodate the user relative to his arm length, torso height, and his specific power chair model.

Base cabinets featuring drawers and roll-out trays are extremely useful for the couple. The wall cabinets were also placed at a specific height set by the clients, to accommodate a comfortable reach from a seated or standing position.